Top 10 tips to improve your coffee offer

Speciality coffee at Notes is all about customer enjoyment of single origin, delicious coffee. With this in mind, here are our top tips on menu, equipment and sourcing to ensure you offer your guests the best possible experience, and have them keep coming back for more.

1. Get your sizes right - less is more! The lighter roasts of speciality coffee allow the delicate and complex flavours of the single origin beans to shine, so having the right size and ratio of milk is essential. Stick to 12oz or smaller.


Milk makes up most of the drink, so get the best you can. We use organic unhomogenised Guernsey milk. If that is not available go for an organic whole milk as standard, with a low fat option too.


3. But not everyone loves milk! The move away from dairy is not going away, so make sure you have high quality non-dairy options - Bonsoy, Oatly, and Rude Health all produce good barista-friendly options. And if possible, it is great to offer a high quality black filter coffee too.


4. The quality and quantity of the milk complementing the espresso is important, and so too is the temperature. At high temperatures the proteins which give milk its sweetness break down, so we advise steaming to around 55-60 degrees. Some guests will ask for a hotter drink, and this should always be accommodated, but most will appreciate the drinkable temperature and sweeter finish.


5. Pricing - be transparent. A flat white should not be more expensive than a latte if it has the same number of shots!

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